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  • N

    • Natural Frequency

      An object such as a bell when struck will vibrate at its fundamental or natural frequency, which is governed by its mass and stiffness. Changes to either will change the frequency.


    • Octave

      From the Latin Octavos an eighth. Octaves originate from music domain where 1 octave spans 8 notes, the 8th note is twice the frequency of the 1st note and the 9th twice that of the 2nd etc. This may be seen on the standard piano keyboard. It is not often used in vibration analysis.


    • Peak

      The amplitude of a sine wave measured from neutral or zero to the maximum positive or maximum negative value.

    • Peak-Peak

      The amplitude of a sine wave measured from the maximum positive to the maximum negative.

    • Period

      The period of a repetitive signal, such as a sine wave, is the length of time between one point in the cycle to the same point on the next cycle and is the inverse of the frequency.

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