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    • Phase

      Phase is the measure of the angular relationship, measured in degrees between two events. In the context of balancing it is the relationship between the sine wave generated of the out-of-balance forces compared with a one-per-revolution time reference signal.

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    • Piezoelectric Effect

      Originates from the Greek piezein to ‘press or squeeze’. When certain types of man-made or naturally occurring crystalline structures are deformed by the application of a mechanical force they generate an electrical signal.


    • Resolution

      Resolution is a term used to describe the smallest amount which a measurement system can detect.

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    • Sidebands

      Sidebands appear as ‘family of spikes’ either side of the gear meshing frequency in a spectral analysis – FFT – they are the result of amplitude or more often frequency modulation and are an indicator of potential problems. If a gear in a pair of meshing gears is running slightly eccentrically it will vary the tooth loading during the period of one revolution as it becomes tight and then loose this will cause minor variations in the rotational speed.

    • Sine Wave

      A sine wave is a wave form which is generated by the path of a point moving around on a circle as it rolls along a line.

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