Proven Condition Monitoring Solutions


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    • Transducer

      Originates from the Latin transducere to ‘lead across’. Transducers are devices which transform variations in a physical quantity, such as pressure, temperature, flow, or vibration into a proportional electrical signal.


    • Velocity

      Speed defines how fast something is moving, calculated from the distance travelled over a given period of time. Velocity is the speed of an object in a particular direction.

    • Vibration

      Vibration is simply the oscillating motion of an object about a reference position. A pendulum set swinging to and fro or perhaps striking a thin ruler overhanging a desk, or rapping a bell, Figure 1, are all every day examples of vibration. The motion they generate is termed simple harmonic motion.

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    • Windowing

      To obtain an accurate FFT representation of the time domain sample it is necessary to introduce some compensations due to the FFT process, this is termed windowing.

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