Proven Condition Monitoring Solutions


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    • Bins and Binwidth

      When an FFT is created the energy in the total signal bandwidth is measured at descrete frequency intervals, the resulting information ‘lines’ are placed in their appropriate ‘bins’. The greater the resolution of the FFT the narrower will be the ‘binwidth’ and the greater the detail which may be obtained, typically we see a resolution of 400, 800 or 1600 lines or bins.

    • Bump Test

      If an object or component, with an accelerometer attached, is struck, bumped or rapped either by hand or using a special hammer at an irregular interval whilst acquiring a asynchronous vibration signature. The resulting spectral line will provide a good estimation of its natural frequency.


    • Compression Type Accelerometer

      The Helitune H-901 is a compression accelerometer.

    • Cycle

      A cycle is one complete oscillation, radio engineers often refer to this as the wavelength λ (lambda).

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    • Damping

      A vibration of an object at its natural frequency, like the plucked string of a guitar, or the swing of a pendulum, will decay to zero over a given period of time due to air resistance, internal molecular resistance etc. Critical damping is the term given to the amount of damping required to ‘kill’ a vibration before the completion of one full cycle.

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