Proven Condition Monitoring Solutions

Tips on how to make life easy

1. When it comes to the installation of transducer cables, particularly accelerometer cables which are all identical as peas in a pod it is a good plan to colour code the cable with a couple of turns of coloured tape at both ends. This is particularly the case with the axial and radial cables from the tail rotor which twist and turn, pass in and out of panels. Failure to connect them to the designated inputs on the Junction Box will mean that you will be guaranteed to experience problems in solving the radial balance when the data is in fact coming from the axial.

2. If the Application Notes recommend the use of the monopod to support the line scan camera remember the exact extended length and position you place it on the cockpit / cabin floor – that saves a lot of frustration.

3. It may be possible for the blade colours to have been marked incorrectly. So before making any adjustments always make sure the blades are fitted and coded with numbers or colours as defined in the OEM’s instructions.

4. Now you have finished your flight and decided on the adjustments be aware that you can still get it wrong by:

  • Making the adjustment to the wrong blade, and then
  • Making the wrong amount of adjustment, or
  • Making a positive instead of a negative adjustment
  • Doing it on the wrong rotor (in particular tandem rotor types)
  • Doing it on the wrong aircraft