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Aircraft Interface Kit Information

To assist the maintenance engineer to respond swiftly to the need for routine checks or diagnose vibration reports, Helitune manufacture a range of Aircraft Interface Kits to readily interface to pre-existing aircraft hard-wiring. 

Installed by the aircraft manufacturer, the aircraft wiring consists of a single RTB test socket located in a convenient point in the cabin or cockpit. This is wired internally through the airframe to the various transducer locations located throughout the airframe. The Aircraft Interface Kit, in conjunction with the permanently installed cables, eliminate the time consuming task of routing and securing 'soft wire' cables externally to the airframe.

Hard Wire Harnesses

Helitune also has the expertise to offer operators of older aircraft types, not currently fitted with hard-wired harnesses, an individual fixed harness design service delivering a cable and component package for self installation. When integrated with the Aircraft Interface Kit this offers a cost effective solution.

Hybrid Harness Systems
In some instances, due to cost, weight or space restrictions, installing a hard wired harness is not an option. In this case Helitune can provide a hybrid cable solution which combines the hard-wire harness and the interface kit cables into a single entity, of appropriate length, and conformation to fit into the aircraft with minimum disturbance.

Overall Advantages

  • Quicker and easier installation and removal, reduced aircraft down time.
  • Tidy and safe cabin environment.
  • Improved cabin cockpit safety by eliminating over-length cables interfering with cockpit controls and switches and hampering internal movement.
  • Reduced likelihood of nugatory work resulting from incorrect installations and transducer cross-connections.
  • Elimination of attrition damage to transducer cables by constant installation / removal thus improving equipment and data reliability.

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