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RT-Backup Information

The RT-Backup is a rugged, lightweight, portable 28V DC power source and 28V DC voltage regulator. It can be used as a standalone 28V DC power supply for up to 30 minutes duration whilst powering a maximum of two Rotortuner  products. It can also be used to maintain a 28V DC supply in the event of aircraft voltage fluctuations.

During aircraft operating and testing procedures it is possible that the aircraft 28V supply may fluctuate or become unavailable, particularly during engine tests.  RT-Backup has been designed to automatically and seamlessly compensate for these aircraft voltage fluctuations to provide a stable and reliable power source by instantly switching to its internal batteries.

As a stand alone 28V DC supply, RT-Backup can be used to power Rotortuners without the need to connect large ground power units or run from the aircraft batteries.

The RT-Backup incorporates lithium battery technology to achieve: a long in service life, excellent low temperature performance and a short recharging time.

The RT-Backup has a built-in charging circuitry operating from supply voltages of 12V DC to 29V DC. RT-Backup will automatically activate the charging circuit upon availability of a suitable power supply such as the aircraft 28V DC or Rotortuner AC Adaptor Pn.007920. LED displays on the front panel indicate the charging status and remaining battery capacity.

The unit is designed to be operated either standing vertically or laying down on its rear surface. Rubber feet are provided for both mounting options along with twin mounting lugs to restrain the unit using 30mm web strapping.

Part No.
Power Supply
Input Current
Output Voltage
Maximum Current
IMaximum Pulse
Current (5 sec)
Maximum Power
Maximum Pulse
Power (5 sec)
Recharge Time at 20°C
Battery Life
Internal Charger
EMC Certification
Operation Shocks
and Crash Safety
Electrical Safety
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Optimum Battery State
of Charge for Storage

Mil 704C For 28V DC Operation
Factory Configurable - limit set at 6A
28V DC
4.0Ah (@ 20°C)
4.5 hrs approx (from 0% capacity,
no extermal load)
500 cycles at 100% discharge
(to 70% of initial capacity)
3-stage fully automatic, operating
from 11V DC - 32V DC supplies
CE Emissions EN 55022 1998
CE Immunity EN 50024 1998
RTCA DO 160E Sections 16 to 21
Cat B
RTCA DO 160E Section 8
RTCA DO 160E Section 7
UN Manual of Tests and Criteria,
Part III, Sub-Section 38.3 Lithium
Batteries; International Air Transport
Association (IATA) 2004 Dangerous
Goods Regulations, 45th Edition
Low Voltage Directive EN 61010-1:
1993 + A2: 1995
Power-coated Black
Height: 80mm Width: 240mm Depth:
5 Kg
-20 to +55°C
-40 to +60°C, optimum long-term storage
temperature 20°C
50% of capacity

Note: 30 minutes power support based upon a single powered equipment. Thermal protection circuits prevent operation outside of specified range. Front panel LED indicator will illuminate to inform user.

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