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RT-TipTrak Information

RT-TipTrak has been developed as an aircraft installed device for measuring helicopter rotor blade height and lead lag either as an integral part of on-board HUMS systems or Rotortuner Track and Balance Systems.

The RT-TipTrak system uses ’Line Scan‘ camera technology allowing track measurement to be made at the blade tip, regarded in the helicopter industry as the optimum point of measurement.

Housed in a lightweight alloy casting and containing no moving parts, the RT-TipTrak has been designed as a high reliability system to meet the EMC and Environmental requirements of DO-160E.

The option of internal or external mounting offers maximum installation flexibility, the RT-TipTrak is provided with internal heating to prevent misting and ice accretion. The RT-TipTrak is fully compatible with all systems adopting the RITA data transfer protocols. Available as either a ‘day-only‘ system or with an optional removable ‘night mode‘ illuminator the RT-TipTrak has the ability to provide 24hour blade tracking capability.
The RT-TipTrak contains internal 1/rev conditioning allowing direct interface to an unconditioned 1/rev measurement sensor, negating the need for any additional signal conditioning units. Advanced blade recognition technology with 14 bit resolution eliminates the need for supplementary blade contrast enhancements such as the continual painting of rotor blades.

Performance Data
TipTrak Unit
Physical Specification:
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Input Specification:
Blade Track Accuracy
Camera Viewing Window options
1/rev Input Compatibility
1/rev Input Type
1/rev Sensing Range
Communication Specification:
RTB Interface Compatibility
HUMS Interface Compatibility:
HUMS Interface Protocol
Electrical Specification:
Power Supply:
Power Consumption
Remote Enable

120mm x 92mm x 86mm
4x M8 (From Base)
±1.0mm (22deg option at target distance of 2.5m)
16°, 22° or 32°
Helitune OPU P/N 007923, MPU P/N 341001 or TTL Input
Single Interrupt or Double Interrupt
60RPM to 1200RPM
Helitune RT-2000 and Helitune RT5-JS+
RITA AS5394 (RS485 Interface, 1Mbaud)
D38999 series III
+10V to +35V DC
TTL Input

Night Mode Illuminator
Physical Specification:
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Input Specification:
IR Source Specification:
IR Output
Electrical Specification:
Power Supply
Power Consumption

94mm x 82mm x 64mm
4x M4 (From Base)
Independent Switched PSU for fail safe Inhibit of IR Source
D38999 series III
+22V to +30V DC
20W to 50W (Implementation Specific)

Overall Environmental Specification
Water / Dust
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature

-40° C to +70° C
-55° C to +85° C

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