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RT-EVA Information

RT-EVA is a six channel, parallel vibration measurement system for use on aerospace gas turbine engines. It provides the facility to carry out basic engine vibration measurement, monitoring and analysis in accordance with OEM mandated transducer installations, in particular on engines used on older aircraft, such as the Lycoming T64, T53 or Gnome engines. With its digital display, RT-EVA provides a simultaneous live readout for all vibration channels and superior readability when compared to more dated needle meter displays types of equipment.

RT-EVA is a single lightweight unit, portable, rugged and suitable for use both in a laboratory or on-aircraft environment. The unit contains a high intensity electro-luminescent screen which provides interference free operation in an environment where high levels of ambient vibration exist and remain easily readable even in bright sunlight conditions.

Measurement Technique & Functionalities
The system will process measurements from all 6 channels simultaneously, using differential type self exciting transducers, applying a single stage of integration to the input signal to achieve a displacement output reading. These results are presented in the form of a bar chart and text format concurrently for ease of data interpretation. A ‘Peak Level’ marker on the bar chart indicates the maximum recorded vibration level from each input channel, allowing the easy identification of ‘limit exceedances’. The ‘Hold’ facility permits the capture of rapidly changing information on the screen for more accurate data recording.

Configuration & Filter Application
Designed for total configuration flexibility, RT-EVA allows the individual channel signal condition filters to be either disabled or selected on to the correct frequency in accordance with the specific engine manufacturer test procedure. The system can also be configured to display results globally in either velocity units ‘ips average’ or displacement units ‘mils pk-pk average’.

Input Channels
No. of Channels
Input Sensitivity
Input Impedance
Input CMMR @ 50Hz
Maximum Input
Input Connector
Frequency Response

105 mV/ips
>40 dB
9 V RMS (85 ips average @ 105mV/ips)
XLR type III
±10% (5 Hz – 20 kHz, Velocity, signals
above 0.02 ips average)
±2% (20 Hz – 10 kHz, Velocity, signals
above 0.02 ips average)
±2% (20 Hz – 2 kHz, Displacement, signals
above 0.2 mils pk-pk)

Signal Conditioning
HP Filters

Disabled, 70 Hz, 110 Hz, 200 Hz
(0 dB to -1 dB at specified frequency
and < -26 dB at half specified frequency)
Velocity to Displacement

Display Units
Display Ranges
Measurement Resolution
Display Functions

High Intensity Electro-Luminescent
ips Average (Velocity)
mils Peak-Peak Average (Displacement)
0-1, 0-10, 0-100, 0-1000 units
4 Digits
Display Hold, Peak Display, Peak Reset

Electrical Specification
Power Supply
Max Power

+28 V DC MIL-STD-704C
30 W

Physical Specification
Operating Temperature
European Conformity

(L) 272mm, (W) 228mm, (H) 160mm
4.0 Kg
-20ºC to +55ºC
DIN 40 050 IP44
93/ 68/ EEC

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