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RT-JEM Information

RT-JEM has been developed to meet engine manufacturers exacting requirements for run-up, run-down and steady state vibration monitoring.

The RT-JEM is specifically configured at build to accommodate individual engine design characteristics, and test criteria using FPGA technology. Different transducer types are supported with specific built-in signal conditioning modules. For operators of existing Rotortuner 2000 (utilising the latest Voyager terminal) or Rotortuner 5JS+ the RT-JEM shares the same user interface permitting engine tests to be integrated with RTB activities. The RT-JEM may also be used independently, using the touch screen ‘Voyager’ interface for monitoring installed engines, or through a PC interface for Engine Test House installations.

With full 4x4 tachometer/transducer channel mapping and simultaneous data acquisition capability the RT-JEM supports consecutive data collections from two 2x2 equipped engines, without hardware transfer during a single start on each engine.

Run-up and run-down data is presented live to the operator during acquisition. The plots may be displayed with respect to the chosen tachometer input together with overall filtered RMS broad band levels, or Order 1 values being displayed from each transducer.

On completion of the test the parameters and levels are validated against the test criteria and a Pass/Fail report generated.

The RT-JEM stores the processed data to the system ‘Test Card’. It also supports, if required, the storage of the raw data for subsequent re-analysis within the RT-JEM itself, or using RT- Vision.

A schematic of an example system is shown below:

Part No.
Dimensions (H x W x D)
EMC Compliance
Environmental Compliance
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Input Type
Input Sensitivity
Input Dynamic Range
Buffered Output Type
Buffered Output Sensitivity
Band pass Filter
Tracking Filter
Harmonic Rejection
Speed Range
Maximum Run-up Rate
Measurement Resolution
Measurement Full Scale
Measurement Precision
Number of Tacho Channels
Number of Vibration Channels

002948 **
310 mm x 165 mm x 65 mm
3 Kg
Mil Std. 461
Mil Std. 810
-20 to +55°C
-40 to +85°C
Charge Accelerometer *
10pC/g *
5000pC (500g peak) *
Acceleration *
55.7mV/g *
Butterworth, 80Hz to 1kHz, 24dB/Octave *
Constant Q-26 *
3,000 to 60,000 rpm *
20% of current speed/sec
1mm/s RMS *
100mm/s RMS *
5% of full scale through operational range

The specification outlined above is that which meets the Turbomeca requirement for monitoring the Arriel 2C2.
** The part number will change dependant upon the specification of the items marked.
* which are reconfigurable within the system.

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