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Accelerometers Information

A range of accelerometer types may be used with the Rotortuner equipment, with low frequency balance accelerometers being the norm (0-10KHz). Optionally, high frequency accelerometers may be used with processing capability being increased in stages up to a maximum capability of 50KHz. High temperature accelerometers are also catered for with options currently available for temperatures up to 600°C. Helitune can supply a wide variety of accelerometers to suit the requirements of any vibration task.

Accelerometers for use in High Temperature environments are available for use alongside the standard RTB accelerometers. High temperature cabling and external conditioning allows Helitune to supply devices

suitable for use at high temperature ranges up to 250, 400 and 600°C.

Helitune is able to supply in-line signal conditioning amplifiers for accelerometers of this type. These amplifiers convert the high impedance charge output from the accelerometer into a voltage signal that is compatible with the inputs of the Rotortuner Data Collection Units.   

Accelerometers should be mounted to the machine using purpose designed bracketry and torque loaded to the correct value. Failure to do this could result in false values being measured.

A selection of Helitune Accelerometer Data Sheets is available for download from the Data Sheet page. 

  • H901 Accelerometer Data Sheet

    Filesize: 355.17 kB

    Download H901 Accelerometer Data Sheet
  • H903 Accelerometer Data Sheet

    Filesize: 590.85 kB

    Download H903 Accelerometer Data Sheet
  • H905 Accelerometer Data Sheet

    Filesize: 577.72 kB

    Download H905 Accelerometer Data Sheet
  • H906 Accelerometer Data Sheet

    Filesize: 587.95 kB

    Download H906 Accelerometer Data Sheet

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