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Aerospace Qualified Magnetic Pick-up Information

The Helitune High Output Magnetic Pick-Up has been specifically engineered for the collection of non-contact tachometer measurements from rotating aircraft components. Constructed from aerospace certified stainless steel and qualified to RTCA/DO-160G, it provides a fully encapsulated solution that offers continuous performance in harsh and demanding environments.

These are attached to a static part of the airframe and are triggered by the passing of single or double ferrous paddles known as Interrupters on the rotating assembly. Each pass of the paddle generates a signal, which is used as a timing reference for balance data, vibration signatures and tracking information. The tip of the MPU should be set to give a gap between the Interrupter of approximately 1.25mm. This can make installation on applications not previously designed for this type of sensor difficult. On these occasions it may be more simple to use an Optical Pick-up.

MPU’s are available in a variety of lengths and with differing sensor tips to suit particular applications.

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