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Line Scan Camera Information

The Rotortuner Line Scan Camera is an advanced blade tracking sensor for the in-flight measurement of rotor blade height and lead / lag. The camera is compatible with the RT-2000 and RT-5JS+ products.

The Rotortuner Line Scan camera is an advanced optical blade tracking sensor. Utilising the latest advances in CCD and processing technology the Linescan camera provides many benefits to the operator. With the 10-bit image processing and the proprietary “find edge” filter the camera is able to intelligently determine the position of each blade tip. This allows the operator to make corrections based on consistent data. Measuring at the tip also means there is no requirement to mount the camera underneath the path of the rotor blades. This provides the operator with the flexibility to operate the camera either externally or internally.


  • Intelligent blade recognition algorithm provides consistent data.
  • Tracks at the blade tip providing optimum information on each blade.
  • 10-bit image processing, providing reliable operation over a wide range of environmental conditions.

This version incorporates a total redesign of the camera ergonomics. This has produced a camera that is both lighter and easier for the operator to use. The rear face has been angled to make viewing of the tracking LED’s easier and line of sight target tags have been added to aid with the rotor tip line up.

The camera electronics utilise the latest in CCD and processing technology. This has provided the following benefits:

  • more reponsive in low light and "blue sky"conditions
  • 10 bit processing with latest DSP
  • data acquired as 1024 level grey scale image
  • 22 degree window hardware capability, firmware currently supports 7 degrees



The new software design now provides an easy upgrade path either via the RT5 JS+ hardware or, for RT2000 users, by a simple DCU hardware upgrade.

Improved mounting hole positions

  • Extra hole added
  • Positioned for perfect weight distribution
  • Ability added to attach the handle and monopod at the same time

Algorithm improvements

  • Grey scale processing for improved low light performance
  • Background subtraction for clearer blade images
  • Smoothing and edge detection algorithms for blade tip enhancements

Technical Specification
Sensing Speed Range
Height Accuracy
Lead/Lag Accuracy
Night Mode Illuminator

60 to 1200 rpm
+/- 2.0 mm
+/- 3.0 mm
7 Alignment LEDS, 1 Low IR LED
IR Lamp

Electrical Specification
Electrical Interface

62 GB – 12E – 14 – 19 PW
RT5, RT5 JS+ and RT2000

Physical Specification
Size (LxWxD)
Helitune Part Number
NATO Stock Number

250 mm x 110 mm x 75 mm
1.3 Kg
¼ UNC (4 off)

Environmental Specification
Water / Dust
Operating Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range

Def-Stan 59-41
-25°C to +55°C
-40°C to +85°C

  • Mk2 Line Scan Camera Data Sheet

    Filesize: 685.80 kB

    Download Mk2 Line Scan Camera Data Sheet

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