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ARRIVE is a cost-effective online solution that simplifies IVHM data management and decision making. Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) is proven to reduce the cost of ownership and enhance the availability of larger helicopter fleets but, until now, this has been out of the reach of the mass helicopter market. ARRIVE addresses this opportunity through a cloud-based computing solution that provides access to the benefits of IVHM technologies and world-leading expertise including virtual fleet comparison.

ARRIVE has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. When used with the Helitune on-board RT-VHM system, data is automatically transferred via a Smart Data Link to the secure ARRIVE data server. As new data is received, ARRIVE automatically performs data integrity and exceedance checks, and will raise an alert if an anomaly is detected. Users access the fleet overview page via a standard web browser. Detailed data analysis pages are also available to assist with fault diagnosis and long-term trending. All data visualisation pages have been developed to display critical information at a glance.

Options exist for customers to either host their own instance of the ARRIVE data server or to subscribe to the ARRIVE cloud-based service.

Key Features

• Automatic Download from on-board data collectors e.g. RT-VHM
• Data Preprocessor (data quality checking)
• Limit Checking and Event Logging
• Condition Indicator Trending
• Display of Individual Helicopter and Fleet Data
• Rotor Adjustment Calculation
• Component Usage Calculation
• Data Analytics and Statistics
• Secure Data Archive
• Virtual Fleet Performance Comparisons
• Automated Report Generation
• Interface to third party HUMS systems

IVHM Capabilities (see product brochure for further details)

• Alerts for immediate post-flight fault diagnosis
• Helicopter Health Status
• Rotor Track and Balance
• Engine Exceedance Monitoring
• Transmission Vibration Monitoring
• Transmission Usage Monitoring
• Advanced Oil Debris Monitoring
• Secure storage of historical data

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