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Designed for use by operators of Helitune data-gathering products, RT-Vision is a leap forward in both ideas and methods of data storage, presentation and manipulation. Created with the operator in mind, it is built around an easy-to-use graphical user interface, providing instant access to required data. By virtue of its modular design, RT-Vision can be used to manipulate data from a variety of different machine types, from Helicopters to Engine Change Units to Land Borne Vehicles.

RT-Vision is compatible with Microsoft Windows® XP Service Pack 3 and above, including Windows 7. It works as a standalone product or on a LAN/WAN IT system with full supervisory functions. The user interface is Windows based, and both graphically and menu driven. The usual Windows features are implemented, including a drag and drop facility for graph and report  building.




Design Structure

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Modular design allowing expansion through targeted add-ons.
  • Available in several languages.

Current Functionality

  • Standard Windows installation program.
  • View data across all current Helitune equipment platforms.
  • Select and view FFT, RunUp/RunDown, Vibration Order Tracking, Blade Track, Balance, NR Tune, Settings, Prompts and Notes information both graphically and as text format.
  • Vibration trending for condition monitoring.
  • Limit checking on data import and on demand.
  • User-defined, easily configured quick reports.
  • User-defined queries for database interrogation.
  • Full audit trail.
  • Automated database back-up.
  • Full supervisory control for User Groups and individual users.
  • Individual user log-on identification.
  • Export data in CSV formats, allowing data exchange with data manipulation packages such as Microsoft Excel and MathCAD.
  • Predictor minimum flights, track and balance solutions package.
  • Fully compatible with all current Helitune Rotortuner products.
  • Card Copy Utility to transfer data between media types.
  • Fault Code capability allows recording of maintenance actions on a flight by flight basis.
  • Synchronise data with RT-6 Flitepad.
  • Export archived data back to a media suitable for use with RT2000, RT-5, RT-5JS+ and RT-JEM platforms.
  • View data directly from the test card prior to import.
  • Integral Intelligent Help System.
  • Narrow Band Alarms allows amplitude limits to be defined across a frequency range. This would be used for frequencies that are not order dependant.
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