Proven Condition Monitoring Solutions

Calibration Services

It is generally accepted within Industry that all high precision measuring equipment should be subject to calibration checks on an annual basis, or more frequently as the manufacturer or equipment user dictates.

As an approved AS9100 Rev D organisation, Helitune follows aviation best practice and as such recommends that all RTB equipment and its associated accelerometers are subject to an annual calibration check by Helitune, or by an approved Helitune service centre. Failure to adhere to this servicing practice may result in the equipment failing to perform correctly.

Helitune equipment is utilised to provide information on the condition of the vehicle it is monitoring. To ensure your Helitune product is maintained to the highest possible standard, it is also recommended that all items in the Rotortuner kit, including cables, junction boxes etc, are also sent back at the same time as the main units for calibration. This promotes our closed loop principle enabling a functional check to be carried out at a system level thereby helping to reduce the risk of peripheral items breaking down during monitoring.