Technical Support

For technical enquiries, fault reports, suggestions or any aspects of the use or application of the Rotortuner on your aircraft, we encourage you to submit the form below. Your enquiry is logged and you will receive a response from us within two working days advising status and progress.

In order to answer your enquiry efficiently and quickly, please complete the form with as much information as possible that is relating to the enquiry. The form is designed to extract the relevant information for Helitune to best understand and provide you with an accurate response to your enquiry.

Important Note: Helitune Data Application Cards carry a 14 element encoded part number which provides all relevant information on the data source. Where applicable, please submit part number and QA number to make identification easier for us.

If you need immediate assistance or have any questions that you would like to discuss directly, please call Support at +44 (0) 1805 624650, otherwise please complete our Technical Enquiry Form.