Company Profile

Helitune is the market leader in the design and manufacture of Rotor Track & Balance equipment as well as vibration analysis equipment for all dynamic components. The equipment can be utilised on various machine types including helicopters and turbo-prop aircraft.

Helitune has an ongoing commitment to deliver practical solutions that respond effectively to our customers' operational and cost of ownership needs. In order to achieve this objective, it is Helitune’s policy to strive towards business excellence through continuous improvement.

Helitune currently has over 1,000 Rotortuner systems in use worldwide. Independent subsidiary businesses launched in Munich, Germany and Chicago, USA which provide sales and support to strengthen and assist our network of distributors throughout the world.

A team of highly qualified design engineers ensure that products are developed to the highest standards, with experts in electronic, mechanical, software, environmental and EMC.

Helitune’s team of widely experienced aircraft engineers advise the design engineers on aircraft specifics to ensure that the equipment is designed to meet the different requirements of each application. Helitune offers training on-site or at Helitune’s facilities in the UK, USA or Germany. Training is carried out by aircraft engineers who have first-hand experience of the everyday problems encountered by operators.

Comprehensive after-sales support is important to Helitune and the company provides this through feedback and hotline telephone assistance. Part of our support policy includes the provision of repair and calibration services. We are also capable of offering a Total Care and Maintenance package, which includes upgrades and annual calibrations to ensure the equipment purchased by our customers is of the latest standard and maintains reliability and accuracy.

Innovation, experience and dedication have enabled Helitune to offer a comprehensive range of equipment and services to solve vibration problems in helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

Helitune Headquarters in Torrington, UK. 

Helitune are a member of the Armed Forces Convenant as a supportive employer of Army Reservists / Ex-Forces Personnel.