Rotor Track & Balance

Rotor Track & Balancing (RTB) is the general term used to collect data from the dynamic components of helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts props. The data is collected whenever the pilot has reported heavy vibration, after scheduled maintenance, post replacement of dynamic components or whenever called for in the maintenance manual.

Specialist equipment is required to measure the vibration and to collect track data. For over 30 years Helitune have manufactured such equipment.

The Rotortuner product range includes Helicopter RTB kits such as the RT-6, Propeller Balancing equipment such as the RT-Balancer and engine vibration monitoring equipment such as the RT-JEM. Helitune also manufacture the required peripherals including blade trackers, optical pick-ups and all required cabling.

The blade tracking device, either the Line Scan Camera or RT-TipTrak, is used to accurately collect the blade track, acquiring the track at the tip of the blade.

The Optical Pick Up, Magnetic Pick Up and the Accelerometers are fitted to the aircraft according to the particular aircraft Maintenance Manual.

Helitune also provide aircraft Application Notes to help the operator carry out the correct RTB, propeller balancing or engine vibration procedures.

Data is collected using specific setup cards provided by Helitune that carry information for the specific aircraft being monitored. The collected data can then be compared to known limits. Should the aircraft be outside of these limits the Helitune equipment can provide the necessary adjustments required to bring the aircraft back within limits.

All collected data can then be stored on the Helitune Ground Station, RT-Vision. This allows the operators to archive data whilst also providing tools to carry out reviews and trending of the data stored.

To gain most benefit from the Helitune equipment it is strongly recommended that equipment and vibration training is carried out. Helitune flight test personnel are highly experienced and able to provide training courses from Basic to Advanced. This can be provided in the UK at Torrington or at the customers site. On aircraft training can also be carried out as and when required.