Course 002 | RT-5JS+ Operators Course

You will learn about:

  • System Hardware:
    • Hardware Components
    • Individual Component Functions:
      • Blade Tracker
      • Operators Console
      • Data Management Unit
      • Accelerometers
      • Optical and Magnetic Pick Ups
    • Connecting Components together to create a Working System
  • System Software:
    • Explanation of Operating System Firmware
    • How to use Aircraft Data Cards
    • Creation of Aircraft Test Cards
  • Operator Interface:
    • Explanation of the use of Function Keys
    • Explanation of Menu Structures
  • Data Collection:
    • Preparation of Data Collection
    • Explanation of Manual Data Collection
    • Benefits of Automatic Data Collection
    • How to recognise when data obtained is unstable or unreliable
    • Benefits of Collecting FFT Vibration Signatures
  • Data Analysis:
    • Track and Balance Data - Obtaining Solutions
    • Advantages of Polar Charts and Track Charts
    • Vibration FFT Signature Review, using the Order Sheet to identify vibration sources
    • Recognition of FFT limits
    • Overview of Problem Solving and Common Operator errors to avoid
    • Advantages of using the Helitune Ground Station, RT-Vision

Course Duration

  • Up to 2 days

Course Material Provided

  • Rotortuner 5JS+ Operators Manual
  • Course Attendance Certificate