Course 005 | Aircraft Integration Course

You will learn about:

  • System Hardware Installation:
    •  Installation of (where appropriate):
      • Main Rotor Track and Balance
      • Tail Rotor Balance
      • Propeller Balance
      • Vibration FFT Data Collection
    • Corrent Installation of Accelerometers
    • Safety Assessments of Hardware fit and Cable Runs
  • Data Collection:
    • Standard Ground Checks:
      • Aircraft Positioning
      • Prevailing Weather Limits
      • C of G and Aircraft All Up Weight
    • Standard Ground + Flight Checks (where appropriate)
    • Standard checks for infrequent data collections such as Drive Shafts, Oil Coolers etc.
  • Data Review:
    • Determination of Adjustmetns Requried
    • Implementation of the Adjustments
    • Help on how to recognise a non-adjustable fault i.e a mechanical or aerodynamical issue
    • Any "handy tips" relevant to the aircraft type (where known)

Course Duration

The duration of this course is heavily dependant on several factors:

  • Aircraft type as some require considerably more preeration and instrumentaion than others
  • Aircraft availability during the course
  • Aircrew availability during the course
  • Serviceability of the aircraft provided
  • Prevailing weather conditions at the time

Notwithstanding this, in ideal conditions this course take up to 3 days.

Course Material Provided

  • Aircraft Application Notes (where available)
  • Course Attendance Certificate