German Bundeswehr to introduce new Terminal for RT-2000

22 / 04 / 2014

Launch customer of the new Helitune Terminal for Rotortuners, the German Bundeswehr are the first to upgrade their RT-2000 systems to the new hand-held user interface, 'Flitepad'.

Operator training is currently in progress on the 7 German helicopter platforms commonly using the Rotortuner 2000 at various German Air Force and Navy bases. In a 2-day course, users learn to navigate through the new improved graphic user interface in a classroom session using a computer simulation running for their respective airframe. 

The simulation allows for a full data acquisition, data review and RTB solve simulation without being connected to a signal generator or a data collection unit. On the second day, users apply classroom learnings to a live ground run on their helicopter platform with the support of the Helitune instructor.


Users expressed their satisfaction with the larger colour display which allows for more detailed representation of RTB data results, with the 'Flitepad' now sharing common data displays with Helitune's PC-based RTB ground station application, RT-Vision. 

Due to the integration of a full results database into Flitepad, users also benefit from being able to perform full system configuration, data review and RTB solution activities without the Flitepad being connected to the data collection unit (DCU). A connection to the DCU is only required for the actual collection of vibration data from the sensors and data collection processes have been simplified, with data now collected automatically for all rotors, shafts and parts with a single button click at each flight condition. This approach has significantly simplified the data collection process and reduced the likelihood of data collection errors. 

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